Safe Solutions For Retails

Solutions Safe Solutions For Retails

Providing Safe Solutions for Retails

In retail environment cashiers process large amounts of cash everyday with high risk of theft.

So retailer needs a reliable solution that enables employees to securely store cash and transfer money from tills to a safe location easily. Aipu offers a variety of store safes for retails including depository safes, cash boxes,electronic safes and fireproof safes,etc. All these quality safes have good pry-resistance,securely protecting your cash or other valuables against burglary or fire. With our safes,your employees can handle banknotes and cash deposits confidently.

Why to choose Aipu for providing safe solutions and safes

Durable Products and Strict Quality Control

We always use high-quality steel material to make safe boxes which are more strong and have long life time. Our inspectors control quality strictly,inspecting each safe thoroughly from primary materials incoming to finished products with package.Cooperation with Aipu, you don’t need to worry about quality,just concentrating on your selling.

One Stop Service

Aipu has professional team to offer one stop service to you from initial demand communication,

design,quotation, sample inspection and confirmation, mass production to delivery. We listen to customer’s demand intently and help transform your innovative thoughts into realistic safes products.Working with Aipu, you can concentrate on what you do best: selling products and satisfying clients.

Timely Delivery

Aipu advocates the spirit of contract. Once confirming delivery time with customers, we will make every effort to ship goods on time.